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The Gastryc DRINK MIX is a oral dry powder formulation that use alginate and pectin preventing obesity and overweight with the regulation of the feeling of satiety.

Even with good dietary advice both reasech and real life experience shows that it is not easy to eat less or make the right healthy choises though it is beneficial to health and weight loss.

The Gastryc Drink Mix is a dry powder added to the aqueous liquid, such as water during mixing. The Drink Mix is soluble in water and forms a gel at low pH and it will be activated by gastric acid. This is causing the product with low viscosity to form a thick gel in the stomach due to the low pH value present there.

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The compositions of the Gastryc Drink Mix are intended for use as a drink. Providing a dietary product in such a form is not to replace a meal but to make the meals smaller or to eat less portions. This may be advantageous as the person in need of weight loss may lack motivation to go through a long lasting diet. It may be advantageous also to consider the product instead of s snack consumed between meals.

The technology 

It is preferred that the product has a low viscosity to provide user acceptance. Gastryc Drink Mix is soluble in water and may be activated by acid causing the product of low viscosity to form a thick gel in the stomach due to the low pH value present there. With "activation" is meant that the drink changes from a low viscosity form to a form of higher viscosity. The activation of the drink by acid is of importance as it causes the fibres to have an effect on regulation of satiety, by causing distension of the stomach.

The science

When Gastryc Drink Mix is exposed to a pH below 3 as found in gastric juice it forms a gel. The formation of the gel may be observed with a corresponding increase in viscosity. The gel formation caused by Gastryc Drink Mix may also be reversible by increasing the pH to above 3, suitably above pH 5.

We believe that a reversible formation of a gel is advantageous for a dietary product which increases satiety. Upon oral intake the Gastryc Drink Mix will be exposed to the low pH found in the stomach which will trigger the formation of a bulking gel, which subsequently will increase the feeling of satiety. However, when the gel leaves the stomach it will be exposed to increasing pH in the duodenum (pH 6-8) which will reverse the gel formation. Thus, the effect of the gel will be limited to the stomach and any adverse effects such as constipation due to the bulking agent may not occur.

The preparation

The Alginat and Pectin formula of the Gastryc Drink Mix is mixed with an aqueous liquid, such as water, prior to administering the dose. The dry powder containing the Gastryc Drink Mix may be added to the aqueous liquid during mixing. Since a drink is generally desired to have a low viscosity to obtain consumer acceptance we shake the drink with Gastryc Drink Mix just before consumption.

Typically, a single dosage of Gastryc Drink Mix may be prepared by mixing the formula wirh aqueous liquid using a blender, such as a hand blender. Generally, a mixing time of less than 30 seconds is sufficient for obtaining a result in which the particles of the dry powder will not sediment during the subsequent ingestion. You can shake Gastryc Drink Mix for 30-60sec in a bottle, wait for 2minutes and shake again. Some sediment may occur bit the formula will be active. Ready to drink!

The results

The effect is not from the fibres it is to arise from an increased feeling of satiety and reduced appetite. The person will tend to ingest less food and reduce the spontaneous energy intake. Gastryc Drink Mix can reduce the amount of intake during ingestion of a meal but to have the desired effect a preferred administration is prior to taking in a meal, as a "preload" from 30min to 2 hours prior to a meal intake. Ideally the product should be taken before any major meal intake, ideally three times per day befors breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the effect of the Gastryc Drink Mix on satiety may also prevent the subject in consuming food or snacks between meals, which is considered advantageous for a weight loss plan or diet.

How to use

Gastryc Drink Mix may be administered daily for a period with a duration of several days or weeks, for example as a course of a diet. Gastryc Drink Mix can be administered one or more times per day, the interval between administrations being at least 2 hours. Multiple administrations during a day may be especially advantageous in order for a subject to obtain a weight loss. A single dosage of the Gastryc Drink Mix should be consumed in 30 minutes or less, such as within 15 minutes or less, preferably within 5 minutes or less.